Product Trends for 2021

Make sure your business is stocked with the right products this year.

What do consumers want in 2021? Nimble organizations who follow these product trends will continue to thrive. Let’s dive-in to the product trends that will help accelerate your sales this year.

Happy Homes

Even with the arrival of promising vaccines, the pandemic will keep us close to home for at least a portion of the new year. Continued social distancing and work-from-home protocols have consumers looking to optimize their homes for comfort and functionality with new home décor and home office products. Families are looking to escape boredom with toys and games, since distance learning and social distancing are still prevalent. Lastly, as consumers continue to avoid eating outside of their dwellings, home cooking will continue to benefit kitchenware suppliers.


With more businesses and consumers taking environmental responsibility seriously, sustainable brands can stand out amongst their counterparts. Additionally, some businesses have no choice but to look for environmentally conscience product alternatives with plastic bags and plastic straws banned in many states and cities.

Canines and Felines

Pet adoption and sales have soared due to the pandemic. With more furry friends and limited options outside your home to take them, demand for pet toys have reached record highs. To top it off, we all know pet owners are eager to share their love of their animals with socks that show they care.

Is your business on trend? What products are you looking for this year? Reach out and let us know how we can help!

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